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Uppa baby Strollers Complaint - Uppa Baby Vista Stroller Don't buy! - UPPA BABY VISTA STROLLER
Uppa baby Strollers Complaint

Uppa baby Strollers Complaint


Uppa Baby Vista Stroller Don't buy! - UPPA BABY VISTA STROLLER

I got the Uppa Baby Vista stroller as a gift . I could not go on the streetcar due to the size of it's wheels. As I raised the stroller to go on the my child who was one month at the time almost fell off the bassinet. Another thing is that I could not go in most restaurants in Toronto...It would not fit through the door. It has prevented me from enjoying my life. So I decided to call the company realizing that the new model has narrower wheels. I spoke to the owner of the company, Bob apparently, he couldn't offer me any help. He suggested, I purchase the new wheels for $40.00 retail cost. He can't even offer me the wheels for free, since he makes them probably cost him nothing. Overall I do not recommend this stroller to any residents in Canada. I'm very disappointed they have no INTEGRITY and PRIDE for the products they make, NONE absolutely. Please, do not buy this product if you want to be happy. What a joke!

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asdf234235 says: (9 years ago)
I absolutely love this stroller. It is perfect for all my needs. I have never had any problems with it, including doorways. Most buildings in large cities nowadays are wheelchair accessible, and that makes it easier for large strollers to get into places. I don't live in Toronto but I assume the buildings there are the same as where I live. If you almost tipped your baby out going onto the public transit, it is probably not the fault of the stroller. You are probably a retard.

chellam says: (9 years ago)
i just wanted to say thank you for posting your review.
i was going to buy a 2007 model from craigslist only to realize that many people had a problem with the size of the wheels. im thinking of buying the 2009 model instead now. thanks for making my decision for me.
to those of you who have no lives and feel the need to write something negative about a review:

1) since when do people have to use proper grammar and punctuation? are you an english teacher or something? RELAX!

2) we have gone on walks before when it started to rain and the only quick way back is on public transportation. in those cases, we have had to lug our bugaboo on the bus. you dont know this person's situation and the reason she had to go on the streetcar with her stroller...the next time you decide to lash out on someone, write out your negative comments and hit the DELETE button.

Feedback says: (9 years ago)
Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately I was trying to send a message about the stroller and not trying to write an essay. I never thought punctuations and grammar is what counts most so people can take you seriously. Some people are definitely shallow.
So I guess if you're a person that cdon't use proper punctuations and ggrammar, no one will take you seriously. What world do you live in? Anyhow that's irrelevant to the issue....but you are entitled to your own opinion. I didn't realize the Maclaren Techno actually reclines fully for newborns. I have the maclaren quest and it works just fine. This iincident occured the first time I ttook the stroller out. It was an experience...learned from it and now the Uppa baby stroller is sitting in my storage. In the future though try not to attack people that don't share the same opinion as you. You should care about what the issue is not the grammar. It really reflects on your personality. It shows that you have a superiority complex. I can sense it right away specially when you are commenting on something that is not really imporant.

76Kara says: (9 years ago)
I have been living in Toronto for over three decades and I've never seen anyone try to bring a big pram-style stroller onto a street car. If your son had fallen out of the stroller because you tried to do so it would have been your fault, not the company's. Since when does a stroller manufacturer have to guarantee that its products can be safely carted up and down stairs with the baby inside? Try a sling or carrier next time, or an umbrella stroller that can be fully reclined for a newborn (the Maclaren Techno, for instance). You might also try using proper grammar and punctuation if you want people to take you and your constructive criticism seriously.

Thanks for the laugh though; "It has prevented me from enjoying my life" was hysterical! Like hyperbole much?

standards1 says: (9 years ago)
Making the wheels narrower is something that the merchant should've really researched. In my opinion he didn't realize how big these wheels are and how it can't fit in a lot of door frames and it actually blocks the hallway of the bus. He was thinking about how comfortable it would be for the child. So then he made these wheels a lot smaller in the newer model. I f it wasn't an error to begin with then why is that no newer models come with wheels as big as the original model. Sometime ppl. have to be able to admit when they did something wrong and put their ego's aside. I've worked for adjusting firms and I was actually studying to be a claims adjuster so I do know how certain companies don't like to compensate people if they are definitely negligent. If my son did fall out of this bassinet it would've been a huge claim against this company. I felt that he didn't have integrity due to the fact that he learned that the people that are using his product not happy and he doesn't do anything about it.
Customer is always right and that's the way it is in customer service.
My complaint is legitimate he didn't even apologize for what could have occurred.
When people complain about a product it is for the best of the company so they can better their product. It's constructive criticism.

standards1 says: (9 years ago)
Isn't obvious that I did expect him to give me the narrower wheels for free is this a question a joke. Before you comment on other people's complaint perhaps you should really read what they are writing about. Like I mentioned in my complaint that it was a gift therefore i didn't choose this stroller. I guess you don't have a child cause u actually cannot place a one month old baby in an umbrella stroller. If you can't relate why are u even writing...you must be very bored. Ofcourse it seems to me you're not enjoying your life cause you have no idea what I meant by that....You are joke!

IreneM says: (9 years ago)
You actually expected him to give you the narrower wheels for free? Maybe you should have checked out the dimensions before you bought the stroller. Most larger strollers are not meant to be carried onto a street car. That's why people buy compact umbrella strollers and baby carriers for when they have to use public transport.

MissAnneThrope says: (9 years ago)
Why do you think making the wheels costs the merchant "nothing"? It costs him time and materials! And why does the fact that the stroller doesn't fit on the streetcar mean the company has no integrity. It's very unfortunate that this GIFT didn't meet your requirements, but why should the manufacturer have to compensate you?

PeppyParentsdotcom says: (9 years ago)
The 2009 UPPAbaby Vista is 24.5" in overall width, which is in the average range of full-size stroller widths. We've had excellent experiences in dealing with UPPAbaby on any issues that arise.

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